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Breakthrough Diploma Mathematics for HKDSE (Extended Part) Module 2 (Algebra and Calculus),
1st Edition
Breakthrough Diploma Mathematics for HKDSE
ISBN : 978-962-407-213-6
1st edn June 2010
* Reprint with amendment 2013
Price : $182

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Breakthrough Diploma Mathematics for HKDSE is a series of student-oriented, self-help reference books. It provides a full coverage of the HKDSE Mathematics Examination materials from 2012 and onwards. It aims at building up a greater capacity and confidence in candidates to get good results in the examination.

The book of Module 2 consists of topics on Algebra and Calculus and is designed to cater for students who intend to pursue further studies, such as social sciences or natural sciences, which required more mathematics.

Main features of this book are highlighted as below:

- Concise text with typical examples to convey mathematical concepts and to illustrate techniques;
- Corresponding exercises followed to enhance students' practical skills;
- Miscellaneous exercises as revisions to whole chapters;
- Revision tests for the review of the whole course;
- Chinese equivalents of important mathematical terms included.
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