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Breakthrough Diploma Mathematics for HKDSE (Compulsory Part)
Book B (2nd Edition)
Breakthrough Diploma Mathematics for HKDSE
ISBN : 978-962-407-268-6
2nd edn 2014
Price : $122

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Breakthrough Diploma Mathematics for HKDSE is a series of student-oriented, self-help reference books. We publish the 2nd Edition with revised contents in accordance with the Education Bureau's updates on Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary4-6) in January 2014. The book aims at building up a greater capacity and confidence in candidates to get good results in the examination.

The materials in Book B are mainly Non-Foundation part of the whole syllabus.

Main features of this book are highlighted as below:

Revision Notes
- Clear and concise notes on mathematical concepts, formulas, laws, theorems and properties are revised.

Worked Examples
- Typical examples are classified into categories. Each category is given a title and a number for easy reference. Some categories are subdivided into types.
- All examples are followed by practices in Exercise (.1).

Exercise (.1)
- Ample questions with various concepts and skills are set at HKCEE level.
- The classification of questions corresponds to that in the Worked Examples.

Exercise (.2)
- Further questions at HKDSE level or above are included to aim at students getting higher grades in HKDSE.
- More questions involving explanations of answers and cross-topic questions are added.
- References to similar HKDSE questions are indicated in the text with symbols.

Test Papers
- 3 tests are set similar to that in HKDSE Paper I.

Solution Guide Insert
- Detailed solution are provided.


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